Our mission

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Technical description

  • The plant will be built on a 15,000 square meters site expandable with a landfill of the ocean up to 20,000 square meters
  • The plant will have a name plate capacity of 80,000 metric tons per year built around a blending  capacity of 60 tons per hour
  • The raw materials storage will be able to hold up to 25,000 metric ton of bulk fertilizer
  • The privately built jetty can receive vessel loads of  5,000 to 7,000 metric tons

Product and services offerings

  • AGROSERVICE S.A. will add value by supplying the haitian market with fertilizer and also by exporting blended fertilizer to the caribbean islands.
  • Thanks to its inhouse laboratory, AGROSERVICE S.A. will supply fertilizer formulations adequate to meet the needs of locally grown crops and the specificities of the country’s different soils
  • The plant will be strategically located to optimize receiving and delivery costs: raw materials will be delivered by ocean going vessel while the Artibonite region absorbs more than 45% of the fertilizers in the Haitian market.
  • The finished goods that are for export will be directly loaded on the vessels through the private jetty.